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Willi Jeschar - Boat Trip

This is our first personalised artwork by Willi from Germany who's work we came across through the wonders of the internet. With these personalised artworks we like to give artists as much freedom as possible. The theme he was given was 'Wake' and I think this is a great interpretation. 

Willi has also done various other illustration work including some for our friends in Crossings who write some killer shouty emo if that's your thing. 

Here's what Mr. Jeschar had to say about this piece...

'It's an old fisherman, who went from fishing to selling tickets. "not waving but drowning".'

Make sure you give Willi's portfolio a good look, he's got skills!

Will Good - Shed Sketches

Our friend Will has a tiny shed at the end of his garden, packed full of old rusted guitars, a few old sofas, an organ (I hope to have a go on one day), a broken TV, a battered drum kit, an un-comprehendible amount of beer cans and masses and masses of sketch books and loose sheets of paper covered in sketches similar to these. 

Sometimes we question whether Will is aware that there is a world revolving outside the boundaries of his shed. Still, we like to go round and often find him in amongst the clutter of his world either smoking, drawing or playing something obscure on one of his instruments. Will and his shed have become one.

Nick Stewart - King

This shot was taken by our good friend Nick who takes the odd photograph now and again as a 'sub-hobby', if you will, so he didn't have much to say regarding this. His prime hobby is being your favourite bassist in the incredible Better Weather, who will be touring the UK around Christmas 2013 for those of you interested. Anyways, enough about music, this is the 'Visual Art' section. 

Sadly Nick doesn't have an online portfolio of his work that I can link you to, but I'm sure we'll see some more from him on here soon!