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R.I.P Better Weather R.I.P

Nope, you did not misinterpret those three capital letters divided by two full stops. Better Weather, Kent's most badass, trumpet infused emo love explosion have come to a definite end. 

Existing for a single momentary year the band have unfortunately come the conclusion that with them all splayed around the country studying at various universities, and with their drummers plans to head to the states soon it only seemed logical for them to call it a day at the height of their existence, and what a great height they've reached. 

Two EPs and a vast amount of momentous shows later they found themselves in a van with Cøllege heading out to play their last shows around the country as part of 'The Better Well Fairweather Tour'. Being part of this tour I can most definitely say on mine & Better Weather's behalf we all had a ton of laughs and met some of the nicest people Birmingham, Manchester, Kent and London had to offer. 

Without breaking down into a soppy puddle of misery I can positively say Better Weather have done great things for their scene and have produced some incredible tunes with distinct style and confidence. It's safe to say, no matter where they find themselves, their legacy will continue to live on - inspiring, DIY-ing, dinosaur-ing.


Isaac x

Photography by Eliot Humphreys

Posted on January 4th, 2014