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WAKE002 - Luca - I’ll Be Fine EP

4-track EP from Sheffield’s dearest Luca, yielding tranquil vocal melodies that’ll have you thinking: ‘I know I didn’t hand in my homework on time, and that after school detention was pretty tough, but life isn’t so bad, things are looking better now’. This accompanied by the prettiest chord progressions you could ever ask for and delicate drums helping to drive it makes for an incredibly delightful EP. 

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WAKE001 - Surffun EP

3 tracks of punchy, lo-fi, indie-emo beauty, smothered in some warm and incredibly punky home production - perfect for having a lovely twee picnic in mid-summer, aggressively power walking to catch your last train home, gracefully standing on top of a mountain contemplating life & everything in-between!

'Surffun EP, a catchy, light-hearted side project from Mr. Steven Fox of Crossings fame.'

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